The Recipe to Public Speaking

By Delphine Ho, Founder of CHIC Cupcakes SG

Delphine conducting a cupcake decorating workshop, with the help of Academy of Talk’s presentation tips.

It is often said that if you hand the same cupcake recipe to different people and get them to bake, the result will almost always differ. From my baking experience, I will definitely agree. This is because there are so many factors at play that the recipe does not explicitly state, such as how long / fast you should beat the batter for, or which rack in the oven you should place your cakes on.

So when I was tasked to demonstrate how to decorate a cupcake to a live audience, I was a bundle of nerves. Just like baking a cupcake, I thought I had the “recipe” to public speaking:

  1. Go on stage.
  2. Speak clearly into the microphone.
  3. Look at the crowd.

But I knew that there might be some key factors I was unaware of and I really wanted to make a good delivery.

Hence, I sought a short consultation with Academy of Talk (AoT). I was not expecting much as we only had two one-hour sessions due to my tight schedule. However, AoT was able to customize these sessions to suit my needs and I was pleasantly surprised by how much I had learnt from them! They guided me from crafting to delivering a speech and gave me both technical and practical tips along the way. What I found particularly useful was how to align my speech to the attention peaks of the crowd, and that slower, deliberate hand movements were more effective than quick confined gestures.

Just like the secret ingredient or method that gives you that perfect cupcake, AoT gives you off-the-recipe pointers that will not only help you to survive your public speaking attempt, but also to excel at it.

To see more of Delphine’s wonderful cupcake concoctions, visit her website here or follow her on Facebook at CHIC Cupcakes SG.



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