About Us

Who We Are

The Academy of Talk (AoT) is a social enterprise which provides workshops, training courses and community outreach programmes to empower and inspire young people through public speaking by imparting innovative presentation and oratorical skills.

The AoT founders are a group of alumni from the Anglo-Chinese School (Independent), Class of 2013, and people who share a passion for presentations and public speaking.

They are distinguished in a diverse range of experiences that make them a perfect fit to mentor young minds interested in speechcraft. These include areas such as debate, drama, public speaking and entrepreneurship competitions. 

Why We Are Doing This

As students, we realised how important presentation skills were in both the academic and in the professional environment. Leaving school and looking back has also allowed us to see that many young Singaporeans may not be realising their full potential in this area. As such, we came together to share our passion for public speaking and oratory with others.

Completing our National Service has given us a new sense of country and community, inspiring us to give back to the nation. With our dedication and oratorical skill set, we hope to boost the quality of instruction in this area, as well as build a vibrant, dynamic student community with a shared love of public speaking.

Our Model

Currently, there is a gap in the market for low-cost public speaking and oratorical education programs in Singapore. These programs are typically either very costly (eg. courses tailored to business professionals) or have insufficient focus (eg. broad-based speech, dance and drama programs). AoT aims to fill this space by creating fun and interactive workshops from the ground up.

AoT adopts a “service subsidization model”, bringing our courses and workshops for free to young people either through schools or community events. To support these programs, AoT also runs concurrent courses such as our Masterclass for a nominal fee. Operating as a social enterprise rather than a non-profit allows us to ensure that our programs are sustainable and scalable.

Longer-term plans include an interactive social media network, using technology to allow greater access to our content.